What’s happening at Ruru Artisans

New Zealand has a fine tradition of art, prints, craft and many more high quality pieces. Ruru Artisans are a group of creative practitioners, that offer points of view with background stories of history of the making and the restorative processes of printing presses lying idle that are brought to life. Follow our stories and see what we are up to. Enjoy!

Introducing local artist, Michelle Newman

Michelle Newman is a self taught who lives in Doubtless Bay. Her artwork is inspired by nature and she uses various mediums to create it. She sells her artwork through her online store, Michellezart Studio. Some of the products she sells include greeting cards, watercolors, and personalized letters. She also offers custom artwork commissions. Newman finds joy in creating art…

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Printing the Tui and Duck pieces

As we have been sorting out various mechanical and technical issues, printing the bird series has been delayed for seems like forever. But this week, we have take off! The first off the press are the large Tui and Duck prints, which sport one colour so far.…

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Reworking Existing Iconic Children’s Book

The Boy and the Taniwha: This reworked book design was exhibited at the Bodleian Library at the Oxford University, United Kingdom, and is catalogued in the feature publication Heroic Works, for the Designer Bookbinders International Competition 2017, edited by Jeanette Koch.…

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Limited Edition Publication

Stitch Binding with Exposed Spine: Designing, printing and making publications. When considering the writing and printing of dedicated texts, one of the features that we love to do is book design. With over thirty years of experience in content creation and design, we look carefully at the core of the writer’s intention. In this example, we created with copies that…

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IMPACT9 exhibition

We first attended the IMPACT9 Conference in 2015 which was hosted by the China Academy of Art, Hangzhou, China, and exhibited posters.…

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Posters – Letterpress, Digital, and Laser technology

We love old and new technologies and experimenting with a mix of design and printing methods. So we take advantage of opportunities to show and see print works, which in this case led us to creating designs for the IMPACT9 conference and exhibition run by University of the West of England, Bristol. The IMPACT conferences are an international multi-disciplinary event…

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