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Lighting the Way Encounter 2: To dance - whakawaiwai: Unique art print


Picture this beautiful unique art print on your home.

Especially amongst the northern iwi or tribes, the ferocity of Māori in battle was met head-to-head by all. At one time, the Far North was the most densely populated region in New Zealand and during the establishment of Māori settlements and defensive sites, the weapons used also evolved. The weapons, which share their origins from across Pacific Island cultures, developed to suit the conditions in this new land, made from wood, bone, stone, and pounamu or jade.

In addition to the weapons used in battle, ceremonial objects were decorated with carved and engraved symbols or figures to represent battles won, with bird feathers and paua (abalone) shells for for eyes, to reflect the sun, or to provide a sharpened edge for cutting. Each warrior trained to wield their weapon and became masters of agility.

Read about northern warfare techniques here from the Ruapekapeka whanau.

By no means were the Māori an inferior force and in many conflicts against European aggressors, they prevailed. For example, Gate Pa.

The design was created by Karol Wilczynska and Alan T Litchfield with technical support from Struan Hamilton

Screen and intaglio print on 300gsm 500mm X 500mm quality FABRIANO DISEGNO 5 300G Hot Press paper – 2 colour ink fade resistant permaset aqua water based inks and gold foil. Printed on large format adjustable Vacuum Silk Screen floor standing table and standing large format Intaglio floor press

Background, read here…

Dimensions: width

500 mm

Dimensions: height

500 mm

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Fabriano Disegno 5 300G Hot Press paper.


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