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Lighting the Way Encounter 4: Origin and the creation – orokohanga


Te Orokohanga, or origin and creation story, is fundamental to understanding and living within the identity of Te Ao Māori. The lines of emergence, whakapapa, are shared throughout the Tāngata Moana, the People of the Sea (the Pacific Ocean). When the Christian Missionaries settled amongst the Tāngata Whenua, those people who belong on that piece of land in Aotearoa, they saw the parallels between their whakapapa and the word of the God talked about by the missioners. At that time, some Māori did not forecast changes to their ways of living, but rather a joining of two peoples who possessed common beliefs and philosophies.

The Lighting the Way series of printed works focuses on the early years when Māori were assigned a scholar to create a series of informal transliterations to capture the meaning of conversations in the Māori language, Te Reo. This was essential for new arrivals to Aotearoa to understand and live in this new society. There were several members of the missionary community who saw the merit in learning the native language, to communicate and preach the Christian scriptures. There were, however, more that had opposing views and held that the Māori were not of equal status to Europeans, even though the indigenous culture was already mature and had evidenced remarkable achievements such as navigating open ocean sea voyages across the Pacific Ocean for several thousand years prior to the arrival of European navigators.

The design was created by Karol Wilczynska and Alan T Litchfield in collaboration with Struan Hamilton

The screen and intaglio print on 300gsm 500mm X 500mm quality FABRIANO DISEGNO 5 300G Hot Press paper – 3 colour ink and 3 metallic foils – Gold + white Gold + rose Gold – using fade resistant permaset aqua water base inks. Printed on large format adjustable Vacuum Silk Screen floor standing table and standing large format Intaglio floor press.

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Dimensions: width

500 mm

Dimensions: height

500 mm

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Fabriano Disegno 5 300G Hot Press paper.


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