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Lighting the Way Encounter 1: Waka Huia


The design was created by Karol Wilczynska and Alan T Litchfield in collaboration with Struan Hamilton.

The screen and intaglio print on 300gsm 500mm X 500mm quality FABRIANO DISEGNO 5 300G Hot Press paper – 4 colour ink and 2 metallic foils – silver + red – using fade resistant permaset aqua water base inks. Printed on large format adjustable Vacuum Silk Screen floor standing table and standing large format Intaglio floor press.

Waka Huia
The symbol of high esteem, the Huia tail feather(s) were worn on top of the head, in the hair, to show the person’s great mana. Feathers were passed down from one generation to the next and kept in a decorated carved wooden treasure box – waka or papa hou.

In the early 1800s the Huia birds were still seen in the central north island of New Zealand and the birds were hunted and traded far and wide. However, with the arrival of the Pākehā, the Victorian desire for exotic birds at that time – the Huia was decimated – lifelong mates were killed, and the species could not survive the European demand for bird specimen due to the uniqueness. The large songbird, mainly black with long white-tipped tail feathers had the most extreme gender bill dimorphism of any bird species ornithological known at that time or since.

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Dimensions: width

500 mm

Dimensions: height

500 mm

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Fabriano Disegno 5 300G Hot Press paper.


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