Northland Bird: Kingfisher Kōtare Small mixed media images copyrighted by Ruru Artisans © 2024.

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Northland Bird: Kingfisher Kōtare Small mixed media


Look at this vibrant illustration of our beloved Northland bird, the New Zealand kingfisher! In this print, the artist has added a splash of colour, highlighting the bird’s striking turquoise feathers. Doesn’t it look enchanting?

Notice the intricate details in the artwork: the delicate lines that create the texture of its feathers, the sharp curve of its powerful beak, and the curious glint in its eye. The kingfisher is perched gracefully on a branch, its body alert, almost as if it’s about to take flight in pursuit of a tasty fish.

This little bird, also known as the kōtare, is a true treasure of our land. It might be small, but it’s a fierce hunter, known for its incredible diving skills. In Māori culture, the kōtare is a symbol of good luck and prosperity. Some say that if a kōtare crosses your path, it’s a sign that good fortune is on its way.

Whether you’ve been lucky enough to see a kōtare in the wild or are simply admiring this beautiful artwork, take a moment to appreciate the charm and wonder of this special bird. Its vibrant colours and playful spirit are a reminder of the beauty that surrounds us every day.

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Renoir 260gsm archival ivory

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